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Multipurpose PC board -

Multipurpose PC board

Grid style prototyping PCB. Great for use to prototype a circuit.

* High quality FR-4
* 0.062" thickness
* Through hole plated 0.100" pitch holes on a 18 by 24 grid
* 0.040" hole diameter
* Double sided plating.
* Board size: 2 inches x 2.76 inches
* Referencing numbers (1-18) and letters (A-X) printed on double sides for easy reference of individual holes

We have used these boards for many quick projects. I have been really impressed with how well these hold up to soldering, unlike other prototyping boards I have used that only have pads on one side and peel if heated too long. Since these have plated through holes with annular rings on both sides they are easy to work with and the pads hold up well to soldering. It works standalone for small projects or as a module in larger projects. Pads on the edges are great for 0.1" pin headers or connectors.


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