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10 Bit Magnetic Rotation Encoder -

10 Bit Magnetic Rotation Encoder

Assembled and tested in the USA. Assembled and fully tested 10 Bit rotary encoder based on the AS5040 magnetic sensor. 10-bit resolution providing 1024 absolute positions per 360 (step size ~ 0.35). This board will provide the micro-controller developer with a PCB to interface to the AS5040 rotary encoder. The assembly includes 2 LEDs for diagnostic purposes (magnet alignment). The PCB can be used with the top or bottom of the board facing the magnet. For detailed product information please consult the product forums section of this website.

In addition you now get one Neodymium Diametric Disc N35H 6x2.5mm magnet free with each board ordered (a $1.50 value).

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