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20 Nichia 130 Lumen 1 Watt LEDs -

20 Nichia 130 Lumen 1 Watt LEDs

ON SALE NOW, Get 20 for 9.00. That is only 45 cents each!

Nichia NCSW119AT Rank B13 series 3.5x3.5mm typical 135 Lumens at 350mA (~230 Lumens at 630mA
Warning these are risk group CLASS 2 LEDs per IEC 60825-1, Do not stare into LED they can damage your eyes.

The binning is from 130 to 140 Lumens at test current of 350mA, can be pulsed at up to 1000mA, maximum continuous current 630mA

Maximum luminous flux at 1000mA pulse ~310 Lumens

The forward voltage is ~3.25V at 350mA

These LEDs must be heatsinked to run over 100mA

The Chromacity coordinate: x is ~345, y is ~370, rank is C1 ( white ) Color Temperature is ~5100

For the specs click here:Nichia NCSW119AT Datasheet These LEDs do require heat sinking! They also require a properly designed current limit circuit.

If you wish to purchase more than 100, contact us for a discount.


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