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Premium Ion Chamber Kit w/PCB -

Premium Ion Chamber Kit w/PCB

This kit contains the resistors, trimmer pots, transistors, battery snap, hookup wire, Printed Circuit Board and 6/32 lock nuts and screws required for building the ion chamber radiation detector. For complete information click here The kit maker will have to provide a 9V battery, cookie tin or tea tin, aluminum foil, soldering iron, and hand tools required to complete the build. This premium ion chamber kit includes a 7 function digital multimeter.
DC volts
200 millivolt, 2V, 20V, 200V, 1000V

AC volts
750 V, 200 V

Battery Tester for 9V and 1.5V

2Meg, 200K, 20K, 2000, 20

Diode Check

PNP/NPN Transistor gain

DC current
200 microamp, 2 milliamp, 20 milliamp, 200 milliamp, 10 Amp

auto zero, over range indication, fuse protected, low battery indicator

comes with test leads and includes 9V battery. For a working demo video click here


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