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Ion Check Source -

Ion Check Source

Ion chamber check source to test for correct operation of the chamber. This is a piece of 2% Thoriated tungsten TIG welding rod that measures about 3.25 inches in length. This rod emits a very small amount of alpha radiation, and can be used to check the ion chamber operation by placing it inside of the ion chamber.

Thorium is a naturally occurring low level radioactive element. Thorium is primarily an alpha emitter. Daughters in the decay chain emit alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

Due to unknown regulations of other countries, the TIG rod will only be shipped within the US. see NRC:10 CFR 40.13 Unimportant quantities of source material (2003) (c) Any person is exempt from the regulation in this part and from the requirements for a license set forth in section 62 of the Act to the extent that such person receives, possesses, uses, or transfers: . . . (1) Any quantities of thorium contained in . . . (iii) welding rods,


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