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Joule Thief Kit 011AOW Soldered LED -

Joule Thief Kit 011AOW Soldered LED

Introductory price of 10.99

This is a high power Joule Thief Kit that includes a Cree 1Watt XLamp white LED. This new kit has a very high permeability core that allows you to make the transformer with just one winding of each wire, this greatly speeds build time of this kit. This kit comes with the surface mount LED soldered to the PCB. Warning these are class 2 LEDs per IEC 60825-1. These LEDs can damage your eyes!.

Kit Contains:
* 12 inches red magnet wire
* 12 inches green magnet wire
*1ea - 1.5A NPN TO-92 transistor
*1ea - high perm torroid
*1ea - 1/4watt axial resistor
*1ea - PCB
*1ea - Cree XLamp 1 Watt 50 Lumen white LED

For assembly instructions click here: Assembly Instructions

For the latest experiments click here: Blog


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