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SOIC18, TSSOP18, SSOP18 to DIP Breakout Board -

SOIC18, TSSOP18, SSOP18 to DIP Breakout Board

On sale now was $2.99 save 33% limited to current stock. This breakout board handles SOIC wide, SSOP (3.9mm wide package, 0.635 lead pitch), and TSSOP (4.4mm wide package 0.65mm lead pitch) up to 18 pin ICs. The board has standard 0.1" spaced pins for use in standard breadboards. The board has two SOT23 footprints, useful for if you want a small voltage regulator or FET on the protoboard. Also there are 0805 footprints on both sides of the board for power supply decoupling. The capacitors can be air wired to the required pins and meet manufacturer requirements for proximity of decoupling capacitor placement.
To see top side of board click:
To see bottom side of board click:
Note: The edges of the boards are curved in the images from the Macro lens, the actual board edges are flat.


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