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Welcome to the Mad Scientist Hut!

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2x38 Pin Break Away Header 458mil
AA Battery Holder w/switch
AA Battery Holder
10 White LEDs Ultra Bright LW_P4SG
Only $ 2.49
Only $ 1.85
Only $ 1.00
Only $ 1.75

We now have kits and parts for the original Joule Thief in stock, we also have a high power version that uses a Cree 1 Watt XLamp 50 Lumen LED. The Joule Thief is open source hardware that was mainly designed to run LEDs that require a forward drive Voltage greater than 1.5V from a single 1.5VDC cell battery. The most interesting thing with the circuit is that it will run from "dead" batteries, (that is batteries that are so low that they will not run in most applications). The fact that the circuit will run from such low voltages allow it to run from other alternative sources such as Earth batteries, single 0.5V solar cells, homemade Zinc Copper batteries, thermoelectric coolers.
This kit makes building the Joule Thief easy and fun.
If you are an educator we offer big educational discounts on kit purchases of 20 or more, please contact us at for more information and pricing.

The 3-Axis G Sensor Breakout PCBs have arrived. Sample code for the MMA7660FC accelerometer is a available from the forum section.

The AS5040/45 rotary encoder boards have arrived. The test development has been completed and they are now available in the product pages.
The AS5040 breakout board can be interfaced to a micro-controller that provides feedback of instant absolute angular position of a rotating shaft with ~0.35 degrees resolution. The AS5045 has a resolution of ~0.0875 degrees. Sample arduino code for the AS5040/AS5045 is a available from the forum section.

The first set of breakout surface mount to DIP multi-adapter PCBs have arrived, there is another one still in development. If you have a specific breakout board need drop us a line and we just might make it into a product for you. The multi-adapter PCB will allow you to experiment with many surface mount packages with one low cost PCB. Features allow you to solder down one of three IC packages types of varying pin counts up to 18 pins in SOIC narrow, SSOP, and TSSOP. The reverse of the board has pads for decoupling capacitors that can be wired to the power pins. There are also two sot-23 footprints on the ends of the board.