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10 White LEDs Ultra Bright LW_P4SG -

10 White LEDs Ultra Bright LW_P4SG

ON SALE NOW, was 3.49

Quantity of 10 ultra bright white LEDs.
Yes that is a penny! Yes they really are that small. Distributors sell these for $1.25 each or $0.45 in quantity of 3,000 (one reel), look up LW P4SG. Today you get a special deal 10 for $1.75, that's a real bargain.

I think these could even be used on model railroad HO trains as headlights, you would have to run them at low current since they are extremely bright.

For the specs click here:LW P4SG Datasheet

Quick reference:

OSRAM P/N: LW P4SG Group: V1-7K-4



Color Temp: 5600K

View Angle: 120degrees

These LEDs come on cut tape.


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