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MMA7660 3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout PCB  - Breakout Boards

MMA7660 3 Axis Accelerometer Breakout PCB

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Blank PCB only (unassembled). This is a breakout board developed for the Freescale MMA7660FC 3-axis G sensor ( accelerometer ) This board is setup to be used in a standard 0.1" breadboard or proto-board.

Breakout Board Features:

* 0.1" spaced pins in a 2 row by 4 pin configuration , rows are spaced 0.6"

* Independent power for DVDD and AVDD with pads for 0.1uF 1206 bypass capacitors mounted directly below the IC.

* 0805 resistor pads for SDA and SCL pull-up to DVDD, allows flexibility for I2C bus pull-up location. You can use internal pull-ups from your micro-controller, or pull-ups from another location on the I2C bus, or populate the breakout board resistors

For detailed product information and code example downloads please consult the product forums section of this website.


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