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AS5040 Breakout Board - Breakout Boards

AS5040 Breakout Board

Blank PCB only (unassembled). This is a breakout board developed for the Austria Micro Systems AS5040 Rotary Encoder IC. This board is setup to be used in a standard 0.1" breadboard or proto-board.

Breakout Board Features:

* 0.1" spaced pins in a 2 row by 6 pin configuration , rows are spaced 0.6"

This board will also work for the AS5035, AS5043, AS5045, AS5140H, AS5145A, AS5145B, and AS5145H IC

The board can be mounted so that the IC faces the magnet or the bottom of the PCB faces the magnet.

For detailed product information and code example downloads please consult the product forums section of this website.


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