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Uranium Bead Check Source - Radiation Detection

Uranium Bead Check Source

Uranium glass beads.

Fluoresces under UV / Black Light

You will get an assortment of Uranium glass beads different then what is pictured, Measures between 0.1 and 0.2 mR/Hr on my CDV-700. see video click here

A small amount of Uranium is added to the glass while it's still in the furnace and in a molten state. As the Uranium dissolves into the red-hot glass, it takes on the tell-tale pale green color of Uranium Glass. Because of the added Uranium in the glass, the beads glow brightly (fluoresce) under Ultraviolet light ( Blacklight ). The small amount of radiation that the marbles emit will also register on sensitive Geiger Counters. The marbles do not emit high or dangerous levels of radiation, and are completely safe to handle

Due to unknown regulations of other countries, the Uranium beads will only be shipped within the US. see NRC:10 CFR 40.13 Unimportant quantities of source material (2003) (c) Any person is exempt from the regulation in this part and from the requirements for a license set forth in section 62 of the Act to the extent that such person receives, possesses, uses, or transfers: . . . (2) Source material contained in the following products. . . (iii) Glassware containing not more than 10 percent by weight source material; but not including commercially manufactured glass brick, pane glass, ceramic tile, or other glass or ceramic used in construction;


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